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Accredited Certifications

If you are looking for an Accredited Certification in Training, Coaching or Consulting, methodologies accredited by the AIOBP are of the highest global standard.

The AIOBP Accredited Programs are planned and designed carefully to coach employees beyond the ability to implement technique and expose them to the emotional level that lead to improvement in the quality of life both in and out of work. AIOBP accredited certification programs require a minimum period of 12 hours of actual class time to bestow a single subject certification and a minimum of 32 hours of actual class time to bestow a methodology certification. At the end of the program, participants will be required to take evaluation tests created by curriculum originators and vetted by our psychologists in order to be awarded the Accredited Certification.

AIOBP endorses these programs as being of the highest caliber and recognizes those who have attained certifications from these AIOBP accredited programs, curriculums, and methodologies, as being equipped with the psychological tools to impact business and organizations to improve life at work and organizational goals.

The following are organizations which are fully accredited by the AIOBP to bestow accredited certifications of their training or coaching methodologies and curriculums to prospective trainers and coaches who have successfully completed their program and passed all minimum requirements.

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