Accredited Consulting

Criteria for Accredited Consulting
If you have a unique process or strategic system to affect change in people or organizations and wish to have your process accredited, this accreditation applies to you. Consulting methodology accreditation eligibility

Consulting methodology accreditation is the first measure for credentialing consultant certifications or identifying the unique process by which a consulting strategy is carried out and/or implemented. Psychology based consulting methodologies are classified in three areas:

  • Organizational development
  • HR and performance management
  • Recruitment and selection methodologies

Before any consultant is certified, they must identify the area(s) of concentration and exhibit competence in applying the accredited psychology based consulting methodology. Organizations or enterprises that use or develop successful psychology based consulting processes which meet the following criteria should apply.

To be eligible for consulting methodology accreditation by AIOBP, a consulting process must have the following prerequisites:

  • It has a clear and defined set of outcomes and processes that will create a specific result. The consulting process or strategy must develop clear competencies in a group or company using a psychological process appropriate to expected consulting outcomes.
  • It has clear strategic definitions that correspond to an implementation based outcome.
  • A large portion of the consulting methodology is unique and has clear objectives, competencies, and a defined consulting process.
  • It can demonstrate successful implementation in at least one group or organization.
  • The consulting methodology has not had a prior accreditation withdrawn from a nationally recognized accrediting agency, nor has it voluntarily withdrawn under a show cause action, within one year prior to application to AIOBP.
  • The applicant is the (or one of the) owners, documented contributors, licensed users, or creators of the consulting methodology and/or curriculum.
  • The consulting methodology has a psychology based process or defined strategy to achieve results in groups or organizations that can be related to the three categories above.
  • The consulting applicant enterprise prescribes a correspondent time function of education and training offered in continuing education units, clock hours, or credit hours to determine and maintain competency with its certified consultants in the methodology.
  • It agrees upon application and accreditation to abide by the AIOBP mission, principles of ethics, and standards for accreditation, policies and procedures and to support the goals and integrity of the accreditation process.

Accreditation process for consulting methodology or strategic process
The AIOBP process for accreditation of psychology based consulting methodologies for consultant certification and strategy implementation:

  • Consulting methodology creator or user should read the criteria for consulting methodology accreditation.
  • Consulting methodology creator or licensed user to complete and submit the application to AIOBP.
  • AIOBP to review consulting process for accreditation and benchmark application criteria.
  • AIOBP to assess uniqueness and feasibility of the consulting methodology or strategic process.
  • AIOBP to review interviews and testimonials of groups and/or organizations that have undergone the defined consulting process and relate it to the outcomes identified.
  • AIOBP to complete benchmarking and reach an accreditation decision and give written notice to developer or licensed user of the consulting methodology.
  • Accreditation certification if successful.